Why Visa Helpline

Our Services:
  • > Visa guidance and compilation
  • > Filling and processing application / visa forms
  • > Lodging and chasing for visa at high commission
  • > Pre – departure guidance and counseling
  • > Pre arrangement for travel, Lodging and boarding
Our Mission:
To find out what our clients need, and satisfy that need in the shortest period of time in a best possible way. Be it Study abroad or Immigration we are the best to help you achieve your goals.
To be the best at what we do by delivering our services with speed, excellence, respect, integrity, flexibility, value and satisfaction.
Our Goal:
Is to deliver the best on time in a most economical way.

Our Focus:
Find the best clients, the best talent and focus on building a healthy ongoing relationship. Focus on best clients.

Our Philosophy:
"Wait not 'till tomorrow if it can be done today". At Visa Help Line we really have only one asset: - Quality applicants with 100% commitment. Our partner’s college and Universities have appreciated the quality of student sent through our company.  We ensure that our clients get the best, most deserving qualification keeping in mind that college will be delighted to have that student as well. By paying attention to the needs of both our prospective clients and the college needs, we have great expectations to build on the success of our company growth and expansion.

Our Approach - CLIENTS:
Visa Help Line is in the business of increasing the productivity and profitability of our associate colleges. We accomplish this by assisting global clients, and not only that, even Nations, Countries, in acquiring their most important asset—people and off course assist candidates, applicants to study and to earn eh international exposure all over the Globe, be it A Diploma, Degree, Post graduation, master or PHD. We focuses on those especially quality students that interface directly the capability and determination of studying aboard and who qualifies the eligibility criteria for that particular institute where he wished to study. These are the individuals who make the biggest difference in their company's growth in the country of their choice.

We believe that employers' best interests can only be satisfied when the employees' interests are jointly met. Therefore, our approach departs sharply from conventional practice. We concentrate our energies on building
Relationships with the top colleges across the globe with employment rates over 80 %, It’s really necessary to understand what is the student wants, needs and expectations. If you understood these three important factors then the student can really accomplish their career and lifetime goals, to appreciating the things that really excite them and to tracking the opportunities that challenge their creativity. We strive to produce mutual satisfaction for the institution we represent and between the students we sent all across the globe. We pledge our total commitment to this philosophy.

Our Approach - Right and Accurate Appraisal Process:
We are up to date with the changing Student / Immigration visa rules, regulations and legality, and keep our thousands of clients up to date. We appraise all new clients in a right way, in line with laid down rules of High Commissions and then only advise the clients for proper action for maximization of success rate.

    Clients Testimonials
I am happy to be a student of Overseas Visa Helpline consultants as I am very much satisfied with their services. I am very much thankful to the staff for counseling me in the entire process……
Kulwinder Singh, Bachelor of information Technology, Federation University, Australia
I am very grateful to Visa Helpline for guiding me through the whole process and making my dream of getting a visa a reality. All thanks for your dedicated and sincere services…..
Arjinder Singh,Bachelor of information Technology, Federation University, Australia
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